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WineryHunt Oregon is a unique membership club for Oregon wine tasters.

The 2021 program features 20 premium Oregon wineries for our members to experience. Members enjoy comped wine tastings and 10% discounts throughout 2021.

WineryHunt Oregon Club

Valid Jan 1-Dec 31
Limited # of memberships

  • Enjoy 20 Unique Wine Experiences throughout Oregon in 2021
  • Waived tastings at Featured Wineries
  • 10% Discounts on Purchases
  • Wine Tasting Itineraries emailed to members
  • Member card 

Enjoy 20 Unique Wine Tasting Experiences Throughout Oregon

With 700+ Oregon wineries, how do you decide where to go wine tasting? How do you hear about the newest tasting rooms and up-and-coming wineries?

We've carefully curated 20 incredible wineries throughout Oregon for our members to visit in 2021. Members have the full year to enjoy member benefits at our Featured Wineries.

  • “I’ve loved WineryHunt! Such a great way to get to know wineries we haven’t visited and it has gotten us out of the rut of doing the same old wine tastings.”
    Sam T.
    WineryHunt Oregon Member
  • “This has been great! Every spot we have gone has been very kind, great atmospheres and a great way to learn about wineries I have never heard of before!”
    Joy M.
    WineryHunt Oregon Member
  • “I am loving WineryHunt!! It has taken me to wineries that I would have normally passed by. It has really opened my eyes to the industry and how lucky we are to live among it.”
    Amy C.
    WineryHunt Oregon Member
  • “I absolutely love the club, and have recommended it to countless others”
    Jerry R.
    WineryHunt Oregon Member
  • “It has been a fantastic experience for my wife and I. We have really enjoyed getting out to a number of new wineries that we have not been to before.”
    Bill Y.
    WineryHunt Oregon Member
  • “We are VERY much enjoying WineryHunt. We have lived in the city for years and never really enjoyed wine country. This has pushed us to do it and we are thrilled!”
    Jamie L.
    WineryHunt Oregon Member
  • “It's great in that I'm getting introduced to tasting rooms and vineyards I've never been. I really look forward to my monthly adventure!”
    Cara R
    WineryHunt Oregon Member
  • This is such a fun experience. I’m so glad my friends and I joined. This is the once-a-month event we all love.
    Dawn M.
    WineryHunt Oregon Member

More Benefits for Club Members

Waived Tastings & 10% Discounts on Wine

All 2021 Featured Wineries are generously offering waived tastings & 10% discounts to WineryHunt Club Members

One Year To Visit

New for 2021, members have one full year to visit the featured wineries to ensure ample opportunity to make an appointment

Limited Number of Members

Club memberships are limited! Members receive a high quality metal membership card to show at wineries.

The 2021 Featured Wineries

20 incredible wineries are eager to welcome you in 2021!
Full details on each featured winery are shown on each winery profile page

Abbott Claim(Carlton)
Benza Vineyards(Laurelwood District)
Bryn Mawr Vineyards(Eola-Amity Hills)
Carlton Winemakers Studio(Carlton)

DANCIN(Southern Oregon)
Elizabeth Chambers Cellar(McMinnville)

Eminent Domaine(Ribbon Ridge)
Flâneur Wines(Carlton)
Holloran Vineyard(Dundee)
Irvine & Roberts (Southern Oregon)
Johan Vineyards (Van Duzer Corridor)
Knudsen Vineyards (Dundee)

Kramer Vineyards (Yamhill-Carlton)
Lange Estate (Dundee)
Legacy Estate Vineyard (Eola-Amity Hills)
Long Walk Vineyards (Southern Oregon)
Martin Woods (McMinnville)
Résonance (Carlton)
Twill Cellars (West Linn)

White Walnut Estate (Dundee)

Total value of tasting at our 20 featured wineries: $450+

See More Featured Winery Info

Preview Of The Experiences

Enjoy the below three wineries in 2021, as well as 17 more!

Abbott Claim Winery

Abbott Claim is a new winery located in the Carlton countryside. Construction just finished on the winery and its extensive barrel cave. This is one of those wineries that will soon have a cult following for their ambience and wines. While the winery is new, the wines aren't --- this is an evolution of Angela Estate, with wines made by Ken Wright until recently. As WineryHunt members, you have first dibs to enjoy this incredible experience, AND Abbott Claim is throwing in a caviar pairing on all tastings.

White Walnut Estate

This exciting new winery in the Dundee Hills is the brainchild of Chris Mazepink, former winemaker at Archery Summit. Chris purchased a small parcel of land next to Archery Summit and Domain Drouhin several years back and has planted it mostly to Chardonnay. While the rest of us hunkered down during Covid, Chris built his charming winery on the property, complete with a small barrel cave carved into the hillside. This is a brand new winery that Wineryhunt members will be the very first to experience in 2021.


Flâneur is one of the most talked-about Oregon Wineries, and for good reason. Their wines are complex and memorable, they offer awesome events for their members, and most recently they completed restoration of the historic Carlton Grain Elevator for their new tasting room. Members will enjoy a tasting within the beautifully restored grain elevator or outside on the gorgeous patio, with a special library pour planned just for members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change from the monthly to yearly model?

Wineries in 2021 are featured for the entire year, rather than a different group of wineries each month. Covid essentially required all wineries move to an appointment-only model, making it difficult for many of our members to make an appointment when vying for a limited number of reservations. To ensure members are able to experience each of the wineries, the featured wineries are generously offering member privileges for the entirety of 2021.

Who are the Featured Wineries?

We choose a mixture of established, acclaimed wineries and brand new up-and-comers. The 2021 featured wineries all are offering experiences for members by-appointment only to ensure your safety. The list of 2021 wineries will be announced shortly.

What is the cost to be a member?

The cost to be a member in 2021 is $125 for a one-year membership. You are not charged anything in addition to the initial membership fee. The value of tasting at all of the featured wineries is over $450.

Can my +1 also taste free?

Each member receives one tasting flight (4-7 wines) at each winery. You certainly may let your +1 sample from your flight, but that person will also need to be a member to receive their own personal flight.

How many people is each membership card good for?

Each cardholding member receives one tasting flight (3-7 wines) at each winery. A couple may share one membership, but it requires you to share the same flight. Your +1 will also need to be a cardholding member to receive their own personal flight.

What will I receive to prove membership?

Membership cards are mailed to members soon after purchase. This card can be shown at featured wineries to receive waived tastings and other benefits. Each winery will also be given a list of club members in case you forget or lose your card.

How many times can I visit the FEatured Wineries?

Members may enjoy their WineryHunt member benefits at each of our 20 Featured Wineries one time in 2021. But of course, if you have an amazing experience, we encourage you to join that Winery's wine club for even better benefits and the option of visiting as much as you please.

Who runs WineryHunt?

WineryHunt is run by Brian Richardson of Vinbound Marketing in Carlton, Oregon. We have deep roots in the Oregon wine industry and created this program to incentivize wine lovers to travel to amazing wineries that you may not have heard about otherwise.

I'm a member and not receiving WineryHunt emails

Please email us with your information so we can double check that your email information is properly in our mailchimp account.

Limited WineryHunt Oregon Memberships Remain

Make 2021 your year to explore Oregon wine country with VIP experiences at 20 premium wineries

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